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Jujube Sale USA |Most Famous Exporters of Jujube 2019

  today People are aware of all kinds of jujube properties And they use this product in a variety of ways . too if you live in the United States And you’re going to buy a variety of jujube . You can search by simple phrases like Jujube Sale USA And the likes of these phrases in cyberspace . Go to sites and places that Designed by manufacturers of varieties of jujube . By going to these sites and reading their information, you can increase your awareness of the types of jujube And find out about their prices . And if you like, you can buy a variety of these products online And use special online sales discounts And get your purchased product as soon as possible in your house door .

Jujube Sale USA |Most Famous Exporters of Jujube 2019

Why Are They Called Jujubes?

Why Are They Called Jujubes? The jujube-shaped olive fruit, which has many medicinal properties, is initially green and reddish when wrinkled.jujube :(Scientific name: Ziziphus zizyphus) is a medium-sized shrub that reaches up to 3 meters in height. Native jujube is a tropical region with small green leaves without flakes and eggs shed in winter.Also called “red dates” and “Chinese dates”

Given the widespread cultivation of jujube, the original habitat of this tree is not well understood, but it is thought that its natural origin should have been in South Asia between Lebanon, Southwest Afghanistan, North India, Korea and the South Peninsula and central China.

Do Jujubes Have Gelatin?

Do Jujubes Have Gelatin?  jujube has a high glaze content of about 5% protein, 4% sugar and a lot of vitamin C and minerals. The aqueous extract of jujube wood contains zi fic acid and fumatic acid zi.It also contains protein, carbohydrates and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and flora .Also contains pectin (as calcium pectate) as a soluble fiber effective in lowering fat and blood sugar.The ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to total fat in jujube fruit is high, so nutritionists can recommend jujube as part of their diet.

How Do You Use Jujube?

How Do You Use Jujube? .Usage of jujube:

Juice soaked:Soak 20 jujube seeds with 30 seeds of currant and 30 seeds of three breasts, 17 g of violet flower in half a liter of water and allow to stand in the morning, then smooth it with 50 g of clay milk as well. Mix 50 grams of mandarin until completely dissolved, then add some rose water to correct the jujube and other accompanying herbs and over time.

Jujube syrup:Boil 800 g of dried jujube in 4 liters of water to cook, then crush jujube, smooth the resulting liquid and add 3 kg of sugar and boil until the sugars are dissolved and the jujube syrup is prepared. When serving, dissolve half of the prepared syrup in a glass of cold water and apply. There are all the medicinal properties of jujube in this syrup. Juice syrup is useful for typhoid, chest pain, cough and hypertension.

 Eat dried jujube fruit:The amount of jujube fruit feed is up to 50 per day, but consuming 10 to 15 dried or fresh jujube is sufficient for a few days feed. In other countries, such as in the United Kingdom, jujube is either dried or flavored with tea. It should be noted that the juicy and green jujube is tasteless and unpleasant, not eatable because it is heavy and too late to digest.

Decoction of jujube and barley:Peel 14 jujube seeds with 25 grams of barley, mix and boil in two liters of water until the barley is broken and leave about 1 liter of water in the container. Then apply this decoction to the bottom and then use the smoothed water.

Does Usa Have Jujube Supplier?

Does Usa Have Jujube Supplier?


The introduction of jujube by the Chinese in the European market is spreading day by day and its consumption in European and American countries is increasing.


As a result, the United States is not a producer of jujube fruit but an importer of it from Asian countries such as China. 

Price Range of Jujube Fruit in Different Seasons

Price Range of Jujube Fruit in Different Seasons  Buy jujube fruit online

Buying jujube first class in the market can be mainly from the companies that supply this product, or by referring to the distribution centers of this product or online shopping jujube fresh that the supplier companies in addition to selling in person They sell their product online.

where to buy jujube fruit near me

The best price for jujube can be found from the companies that supply this product, as well as the sellers of this product, including product sales agents and jujube distribution centers.

The best quality jujube can be found by searching the various sites that sell online. That the market price of jujube first class in the market on these sites is updated according to market conditions and fluctuations.

These sites are priced in a variety of jujube and different quality that we can compare different prices to buy the best product at a reasonable price and we can also use the sales experts of this product who give free consultation We can  jujube fruit order  online

Most Known Jujube Fruit Suppliers in the Asia

Most Known Jujube Fruit Suppliers in the AsiaDue to the growth of jujube in the tropical regions of East Asia are the main producers of jujube fruit.

Meanwhile, Iran has a significant share in the export of jujube to neighboring countries as well as to European countries.Iran ranks third in the world in terms of jujube cultivation and production. The area under cultivation of jujube in Iran is about 2 hectares, out of which more than 2 hectares, ie about 2 hectares, is located in South Khorasan and 2 tons of jujube crop is produced from it.

An examination of the historical records of South Khorasan shows that the past of this region is considered as a necessity for its survival by planting and caring for the trees.

Why some Countries Cannot Produce Jujube?

Why some Countries Cannot Produce Jujube?The tropical jujube was native to China and originated in China and cultivated there for thousands of years. Today, this tree can be found all over the globe. Fresh jujube is most commonly found in Korea, China, Vietnam and Indian stores.

Appearance: The jujube is a small tree with a small leaf and it crawls in winter. It grows 5 to 12 meters high and has a high growth rate. The flowers appear in spring and their seeds arrive in autumn. Flowers are bisexual, meaning they are both male and female. They are often pollinated by insects.

Basically, the branches of the jujube are thorny. The leaves are shiny and green and are 2 to 7 cm long and 1 to 3 cm wide. Leaves elliptic, flattened and margins serrate. The flowers are small, about 5 mm in diameter, and five partial and white petals are greenish.

The jujube fruits, when not yet mature, give a slight taste of apples and turn brown when light in color. They look almost like a small date. Inside it is a solid core resembling an olive.

Growth Conditions: The jujube tree is resistant to a wide range of temperatures and rainfall, so it can withstand hot summers and water sufficient for fruiting. Most soils are productive and will live longer if their soil is well drained

They usually like the perfect sun and warm place. Alkaline soils are more popular. They are fast-growing and even grow in poor soil for food. Cold-tolerated up to -20 ° C but is usually cultivated in warm regions. For optimum fruiting, it should leave behind warm summers.

How Many Jujube Fruits are in a Kg?

How Many Jujube Fruits are in a Kg?Number of jujube fruit per kg of dried jujube and fresh jujube.The weight of each fresh jujube fruit is about 2 grams, but the dried jujube fruit is found in weights of 1 or 2 or 2 grams.On average, one to two kilos of dried jujube contains between 1 and 2 jujube

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