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Jujube Fruit Iran |Affordable Jujube Fruits in Iran

As the main product of South Khorasan, jujube has a large share in the region’s economy. Because the income of thousands of rural households depends on the production of jujube; and the development of jujube cultivation as a drought-tolerant plant can have a significant effect on reducing the unemployment rate and is one of the important factors preventing rural migration. Iranian jujube or jujube fruit Iran is famous all over the world. The most affordable jujube prices can be found in South Khorasan wholesalers.

Jujube Fruit Iran |Affordable Jujube Fruits in Iran

Where to buy fresh jujube fruit in Iran?

Where to buy fresh jujube fruit in Iran?Jujube is one of the fruits that has many health benefits. Jujube grows in Iran, India and China. It is a good source of vitamin C and contains significant amounts of minerals. It also contains protein, carbohydrates and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and flora. It also contains pectin (as calcium pectate) as a soluble fiber effective in reducing fat and blood sugar, therefore,jujube fruit for diabetes is very useful . The total fat content of jujube fruit is very low. The ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to total fat in jujube fruit is high, so nutritionists can recommend jujube as part of their diet. Jujube is one of those products that has had a limited market; and its consumption is traditional. This product traditionally follows the path of the producer to the consumer. Jujube is used as a medicinal substance and most commonly as nuts in families.Existing markets for jujube include leadbag, wholesaler and retailer with approximately 35% wholesale, 35% retail, 25% self-consumption and 5% leadbag. The market for the garden is limited to the level of the garden and the sellers of this market are the farmers. This market may be abused by some purchasing agents and thereby impose unwanted conditions on the farmer in the sale and transaction. Head-to-head marketing agents include wholesalers locally, wholesalers, fielders and dealers who buy the product directly from the farmer. The wholesale market is concentrated in the city centers and the market sellers are local farmers and buyers and wholesalers who supply this product. The retail market is also where the farmer delivers his fruit and produce directly to the retail outlet and earns a decent income. Selling jujube by gardeners is both a definite and a bargain.

Low Prices in Iran Jujube Market

Low Prices in Iran Jujube Market Wholesale jujube Birjand is made cheaply. In Birjand, the price of jujube is cheaper than cities like Tehran and Mashhad because of the production of jujube in Iran. The wholesale purchase of jujube from Birjand will make you profitable in selling this fruit. Birjand jujube is usually bought for consumption such as demoniac and nuts, which are larger and more expensive nuts jujube as export jujube. There are many jujube orchards in Southern Khorasan and more than 5,000 tons of jujube are harvested annually. Like other agricultural products, jujube has different degrees of quality. Jujube can be obtained from the lower and lower grades, which are used more for medicinal and demineral purposes than the high grades used for nuts. High quality jujube is called high quality jujube which is healthy and jujube. One of the important factors affecting the price of jujube is its quality and quality. Specifically in all products, the higher the quality, the higher the price. The better the jujube, the higher the price. The price per kilogram of dried jujube in Birjand ranges from Rs. Another important factor in the price is its size because the larger the jujube, the more expensive it will be.

Organic Jujube Fruit Manufacturers & Suppliers

Organic Jujube Fruit Manufacturers & SuppliersThere are not many jujube dealers nationwide. Most of organic jujube fruit manufacturers and suppliers are located in Birjand, Mashhad and Tehran. These agencies play an important role in the finished price by purchasing jujube from farmers and supplying it nationwide as well as export markets. The jujube sales representative in every city is a good place to find out the price of jujube day. You can find out more about jujube day prices by visiting these dealers. Those who are  looking for organic  jujube dates for their pregnancy and postpartum recovery recipes always ask where is jujube fruit for sale near me?  People who have never eaten one before would use it for health not enjoyment so they only hope for high quality fruit. So as someone who’s never had a jujube, it is surprisingly good. They should  taste  light, fibrous, and not too sweet – not sticky, dense, and chewy friut.00”””’

Where is jujube fruit grown?

Where is jujube fruit grown?South Khorasan is one of the first producers of jujube in the country and the world, with 98% of the area under cultivation and production. Jujube trees require large amounts of precipitation and temperature to grow. Therefore, they grow better in hot and humid summer environments. If their soil is well drained, they will live longer years.These plants enjoy a warm, sunny location. In terms of soil type, they also tend to be alkaline. These plants grow a lot and even grow on poor soils.is resistant to temperatures of -5 ° C but is cultivated in tropical regions. For the fruiting, the summer must also be warm.

Where to Buy 3 Varieties of Jujube Fruit

Where to Buy 3 Varieties of Jujube Fruit  There are 3 varieties of jujube fruit. Jujube is uaed as fresh, dried jujube fruit and jujube tea. For buyibg fresh jujube, one should go to fruit shop online or in person. There are onloine fruit shop available too. In order to buy cheap, it is good suggestion to buy thgem directly in the jujbe garden.  To buy dried jujube fruit, one can go to dehydrated shop. To buy jujube tea, one should go to herbal shop because they are used as herbal medicine.

How to Decrease the Costs of Jujube Fruit Exporting?

How to Decrease the Costs of Jujube Fruit Exporting?Due to government policy in recent years, non-oil exports from the country are growing. One of the most important products that can be focused on for export from Iran is jujube.More than a few thousand tons of jujube is produced annually in South Khorasan. And the price of jujube in Iran is much lower than in other countries. Jujube exports to Iran can be considered as an important factor in the country’s economy. Given that not much has been done to process and package jujube, this is one of the reasons for not exporting it in bulk. In the country, the properties of jujube have not yet been fully cultivated for the people, and not much has been done for its packaging and packaging, and these two factors may be among the reasons for not exporting it in bulk.

How Many Jujube Fruit is Allowed every Year?

How Many Jujube Fruit is Allowed every Year?The area under cultivation of jujube in South Khorasan province is 2,900 ha. Almost in most parts of Iran, jujube tree is visible; and in some provinces such as Yazd; there is jujube in single and sparse trees; and only in southern Khorasan; it is seen as solitary orchards. It is expected to harvest 4300 tonnes of jujube this year, of which 4 billion riyals will be used by farmers.Currently some dry packing units in the province are active in jujube packaging, but due to the widespread jujube food and pharmaceutical products, more investment is needed in this sector.

How to Find Jujube Fruit in Affordable Price?

How to Find Jujube Fruit in Affordable Price?for those selers who want start their works it is the main question:” how to find jujube fruit in affordable price?”. To answer this question, it is important to know where is the cheapest jujube fruit available? Wholesale jujubes of Birjand are delivered as the cheapest. In Birjand, the price of jujube is cheaper than cities like Tehran and Mashhad because of the production of jujube in Iran. The wholesale purchase of jujube from Birjand will make you profitable in selling this fruit. for some sellers, going to Birjand is not easy due to the far distance, therfore, they ask”  is there any fresh jujube fruit near me?”. Buying jujube from Birjand is no longer a difficult task today due to advances in technology, and unlike in the past you had to travel to South Khorasan for a considerable amount of money to buy jujube; because there are already websites selling jujube that provide you the best quality jujube at the lowest possible price.

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