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Best Jujube Tree |how to grow them?

The jujube fruit is native of the tropical regions. It was first grown  in China. It has been cultivated and grown there for thousands of years. Today, this tree can be found all over the globe. Fresh jujube is most commonly found in Korea, China, Vietnam and Indian stores.The jujube tree is resistant to dehydration.  Its trunk is rugged and its wood is very firm and brown in color. The best jujube tree in the world is currently grown and produced in South Khorasan. Now this is a question:”how to grow them?”.Best Jujube Tree |how to grow them?

What Are The Jujube Tree Varieties In The World?

What Are The Jujube Tree Varieties In The World?]t is thought that its natural origin should have been in South Asia between Lebanon, southwestern Afghanistan, northwest India, the Korean peninsula and south and central China. The jujube tree is resistant to dehydration. The jujube fruit, which can be found  from Iran to India to southern China and even southern Europe, has different names in each region. In India and Pakistan it is called “Inab” and in East Asia, it is called “red date”, “Chinese date” or” Indian date’. to answer this questioon:” what are the jujube tree varieties in the world?”. we should say that the size of the fruit is different but its appearance are the same. Its trunk is rugged and its wood is very firm and brown in color.It does not like pond soils and does not do well in marshy soils. Its root requires oxygen and it grows better alongside running water. the way using of it in different country is different. for example, In the United Kingdom jujube is used either dried or as a flavored candy with evening tea. In Korea, China and Taiwan, jujube sweet syrup is used. In some areas, jujube is used to make vinegar. In Africa, it used to make cake. Canned jujube and jujube-flavored tea are also used worldwide; but in Iran, Pakistan and India, jujube is mostly used dried.  it is interesting to know that in many parts of the world, fresh fruit is used in green which, of course, tastes great. In East Asia, jujube is very large in sizes and in different colors including black and red. Indian jujube fruit near me are black. 

Which Countries Have Cheaper Prices For Jujube Export?

Which Countries Have Cheaper Prices For Jujube Export?Jujube exports can help a lot in growing non-oil exports and reaching pristine international markets. The jujube-shaped olive fruit, which has a lot of medicinal properties, is initially green and then reddish and wrinkles. Furthermore, jujube for sale in Melbourne is getting high. This is the fruit which are sold out in the world at a very high rate. Region like Melbourne is quite famous in the progress of selling the fruits like jujube. The price of the fruits in this regions could be high , if the quality fruits are imported by the big countries. Jujube is a very special Iranian product that has been used in our culture for a long time. Jujube has been exported to Netherlands, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada. Southern Khorasan is the first country in the country in terms of cultivation and jujube production.About 97% of the country’s jujube is from South Khorasan. The most expensive jujube in South Khorasan is  jujube tea which has the highest export among other types of jujube in Iran.The best exported fresh jujube fruit near me produced in our country is Birjand’s extensive orchards. Birjand is know  as one of the main exporters and sellers of jujube in the world. Regarding the quality of jujube in world markets, it should be noted that any quality jujube is graded on the basis of price parameter, which is based on its size,  jujube skin wrinkles, jujube color, to have the same jujube burden, jujube corrosion cream and etc. Various factors are involved in the price of jujube, the most important of which is its coarse and fine color, so the larger the jujube, the bigger and better the color (high quality jujube) will naturally be more expensive. by caring these points and knowing the besst jujube is found in Iran, we can answer ti thus question”: which countries have cheaoer prices for jujube export?”, Iran. 

Where To Find The Best Jujube Tree For Growing?

Where To Find The Best Jujube Tree For Growing?The jujube is native of tropical region which was first grown in China;  and it has been cultivated there for thousands of years. Today, this tree can be found all over the globe. Fresh jujube is more commonly found in Korea, China, Vietnam and Indian stores.Jujube is a unique fruit of South Khorasan and its harvest season starts in early Mordad in the tropical cities of the province. In the mountainous villages of the province due to the cold weathe,r it is usually early Mehr to start harvesting jujube.The height of the jujube tree is about eight meters, its branches blunt and its leaves small and alternately arranged on the branch. At first, the jujube fruit is green and then it gets red at maturity;; and its proliferation in South Khorasan is through propagation.South Khorasan with the expression that jujube is one of the strategic and important products of South Khorasan. 98% of jujube is produced in South Khorasan. to find the best jujube tree for growing you can go to online shop of Southern Khorasan specially Birjand or go to this city in personal. 

How To Grow Jujube Tree?

How To Grow Jujube Tree?let to answer this question: how to grow jujube tree?”.There are various ways to reproduce jujube tree. Relocation of pimples: This is the best way to increase jujube. As you know, pimples grow beneath the tree. To grow jujube like this, in the second year of autumn when the tree is partially grown, cut the root of the mother tree, remove the seedling from the root and plant elsewhere. Cuttings: The jujube can be cut in the second half of Esfand. The cuttings should be from one year old young shoots. These cuttings should be thirty centimeters sloping in the shape of ridges in the ground. That is, only 2 cm from the top of the cuttings out of the stack edge. Each cuttings should be 2 cm from the other cuttings. After planting jujube (cuttings), always moisten the cheeks and water the cuttings. Sleeping: In this method of jujube tree planting, you have to cut two-year-old shoots that grow from the lower part of the mother tree trunk. This is best done in the fall and late winter.Seeding jujube: This method is implemented in the first half of Esfand. Put the kernels in a container of water and place in a warm place. After a few days of soaking, plant the seeds in the soil you have already prepared. Seeds grow in the second half of Farvardin.

Seasonal Discounts & Offers for Jujube Fruit

Seasonal Discounts & Offers for Jujube Fruit Today, due to the many medicinal properties of jujube, the demand for it is very high. The freshness of jujube plays an important role in its quality. It is important to keep fresh jujube and its effective ingredients including antioxidants, phenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, tannins, which have different medicinal uses. Due to the sensitivity of jujube fresh fruit to environmental conditions and the possibility of growing various types of fungi and mold on them, these products are in serious danger. Therefore, the use of solutions to delay the process of jujube fruit spoilage and increase their shelf life has been of particular interest to importers and exporters. Proper packaging should protect the product against contamination, damage and excessive moisture loss, stating: insufficient knowledge of jujube food and medicinal properties and lack of jujube packaging industry in South Khorasan as jujube production hub , The sales market has fluctuated. South Khorasan has the highest percentage of jujube cultivated area as the first producer of this crop in the country and the world. Seasonal discounts and offers for jujube fruit are available near the time of new harvest online and in shop too. 

How to Start Cultivating Commercial Jujube Fruit?

How to Start Cultivating Commercial Jujube Fruit?to start cultivating commeercial jujube fruit, we shoul know the following points. The jujube tree is friendly to warm weather but tolerates cold conditions up to -5 degrees Celsius and is resistant to drought and salinity. Distribution map of jujube in Iran shows that this plant is able to survive in different climatic conditions and shows wide ecological tolerance. In low humid climatic conditions of the Caspian Sea to the arid and desert areas of Tabas and South Khorasan, we can see the cold heights of Lorestan and Fars. The best way to grow jujube is to move rooted pines. Because it will be more certain that the time of planting is the best time to plant sage in late winter and early spring. Jujube is not usually transplanted because it is not of the better quality, but if transplanted, the seedlings will germinate sooner. In traditional cultivation, the jujube is not fertilized, but more crop is required to be harvested, and the best fertilizer is the one-year-old animal fertilizers that are planted in the fall, then plowing the distance between the jujube trees to mix the fertilizers with the soil.

Buy Fresh Jujube Fruit at Lowest Price

Buy Fresh Jujube Fruit at Lowest PriceJujube is considered for its medicinal properties. ?To buy fresh jujube fruit at lowest price is important for those who want to buy the at wholesale. The price of fresh jujube and the price of dried jujube are related to the day price of jujube. In the market, fresh jujube has to be taken from the producer itself, because when it comes to different dealers, its price rises like other commodities. Jujube is sold in bulk and sold to wholesalers and retailers and home buyers are small consumers. The price of fresh jujube in Birjand is much better than in other parts of the country because jujube is the most desirable in this part of the country and if Buying direct from the manufacturer would be very cost effective. The price per kilo of fresh jujube in Tehran and Birjand depends directly on the amount of produce produced that year. 

Jujube Fruit Colors & Prices

Jujube Fruit Colors & PricesPerhaps most of all, the healing properties of jujube made it worth considering. Jujube fruit is grown from a small tree that reaches 10 meters in height. It is a shiny fruit like olive fruit, which has many medicinal properties. It is initially green and then reddish and wrinkles. Jujube is used both fresh and dried. Jujube fruit has many medicinal properties and has a special place in traditional medicine schools of different countries to help health and cure diseases. Jujube is a sedative and anti-mood medication. just jujubes has been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine as an anxiolytic, gastrointestinal, spleen and gastrointestinal medication. jujube is very bloodthirsty, lax and glazed and softens the chest. Using fruit nuts in wounds and cuts accelerates their healing. Jujube also makes teeth resistant to decay. Jujube tea heals damaged tissues and strengthens muscles. Sodden of jujube leaf is used to relieve sore throat and its extract is used to treat it. Jujube contains natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, Carotenoids and Flavonoids. t also strengthens the immune system. There are a lot of demand of it that effect n jujube fruit prices. jujubes fruit colors and prices are related to each other too. 

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