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Ber Tree India| best prices of ber tree in India

Botanical Properties of the Ber tree india: “Indian jujube” is a tropical fruit tree of the genus and family of jujube (Rhamnaceae).  It grows as a shrub or small, prickly tree, more than 15 meters high, with a trunk diameter of about 40 cm or more and a wide crown.  The fruit has a great variety in shape and size.  But most of the eggs are egg-shaped or round or elongated, about 2.5 to 6.25 cm long, depending on the plant species.  The flesh is white and crisp.  Fruit skin is smooth, shiny and thin.

 It is believed to be native to Indonesia and Malaysia in Southeast Asia.  But they are now distributed in the tropical regions of South Africa and throughout Central Asia to India, China, Malaysia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

 Indian jujube is a small tree or shrub of medium size that grows vigorously and has broad roots.  The presence of these broad, strong roots makes the tree resistant to drought and drought.  These trees may grow upright or shrub with a scattered crown.  The leaves are alternate, oval with rounded ends and have three main veins perforated.  The leaves are about 2.5 to 3.2 cm long and 1.8 to 3.8 cm wide and also have a serrated margin.  The surface of the leaves is dark green and glossy, and the underside is pale green to grayish-green and flaky.  Depending on the climate of the area, the foliage of this plant may always be green or deciduous.

Ber Tree India| best prices of ber tree in India

Ber tree major suppliers and exporters in India

Ber tree major suppliers and exporters in IndiaIndian farmers earn a good income annually by selling their produce to neighboring countries, earning a living by selling jujube fruit to Asian countries or by producing other products.Indian jujube fruit, like other jujube varieties, has many medicinal properties and has a special place in traditional medicine schools of different countries to help health and cure diseases.

ziziphus mauritiana medicinal uses and jujube are generally listed below:Jujube is a very useful fruit that has many uses in addition to its nutritional properties as a medicinal plant.  In the United Kingdom, these fruits are eaten in the form of dried or flavored candies with evening tea.

 In Korea, China and Taiwan, sweet fruit syrup is used.  In some areas, the fruit is used to make vinegar and made in Africa.  Jujube is a sedative and anti-nausea drug and is used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine as an anxiolytic, gastrointestinal, and gastrointestinal enhancer.  Its extract inhibits the effect of free radicals (as an inflammatory enhancer).  Contains natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids.  It also strengthens the immune system.  The ether compounds contained in it are inhibitors of the rise in blood sugar.  It also significantly elevated levels of biochemical parameters such as blood glucose, urea, creatinine, serum cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, hemoglobin and glycated hemoglobin.  Traditional Iranian medicine has also recommended the use of jujube decoction for the treatment of coughs, colds and flu and sore throats.  East Asian jujube tea is a highly fortified drink that helps prevent colds.  Juice has a lot of glaze, protein, sugars and a lot of vitamin C and because of its high glaze, it is softening and anti-cough.  The decoction of the fruits of this plant removes the hoarseness.  It also relieves asthma and shortness of breath.

 Consumption of jujube fruit significantly reduces liver enzyme levels.  These enzymes indicate tissue damage.  Histological findings show that the fruit has protective effects against liver disease.  Jujube is also useful in the treatment of fatty liver.

 It is a good source of vitamin C and contains significant amounts of minerals.  It also contains protein, carbohydrates and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and flora.  It also contains pectin (as calcium pectate) as a soluble fiber effective in reducing fat and blood sugar.  The total fat content of jujube fruit is very low.  The ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to total fat in jujube fruit is high, so nutritionists can recommend jujube as part of their diet

Which soils are suitable for growing ber trees?

Which soils are suitable for growing ber trees?Indian jujube is a tree resistant to a wide range of temperature conditions.  It also grows well under dry conditions with an average rainfall of 15 to 225 cm, due to its deep and wide roots.  These trees can also grow well on moderate red or black soils with adequate and sufficient irrigation, or on sandy, sandy and alluvial soils of dry rivers with clay gaps.  Deep siliceous and alluvial soils are also grown in tropical and subtropical regions with an average annual rainfall of about 470 to 1,200 mm.  In dry areas these trees will grow better around rivers.  Commercial cultivation of these plants usually extends to over 1000 m.  Planting it at altitudes above this level will not produce commercial fruit.

 This tree has the highest resistance to water footprint of the plant and also to soil dryness.  And it can grow well over a wide range of annual rainfall from 125 to 2.225 mm.  But most of its natural distribution is in areas with an average annual rainfall of 300 to 500 mm.  In India, the minimum temperature for survival of these plants is about 7 to 13 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius.

 Studies have shown that these plants are also capable of growing in alkaline soils with a pH of about 9.2.  However, loamy to deep loamy sandy soils with neutral to slightly alkaline pH provide the best conditions for the growth of these plants.

Newest methods for packing the dried ber fruit

Newest methods for packing the dried ber fruitPackaging jujube makes it possible for many customers in Iranian day markets to simply have good samples of these products.  Packaging the best jujube in the Iranian market can have good results for all buyers.  Therefore, the most prestigious packaging companies are in operation and offer excellent examples of high quality jujube in Iranian market.  Juice required for packaging must have the following characteristics:

  • Being rugged 
  • being rugged
  • having good taste
  • being rugged
  • being organic
  • being first class

Latest prce list of jujube fruit in Asia

Latest prce list of jujube fruit in AsiaThe price of this product and its derivatives such as ziziphus jujuba and the family of ber in general is not high, as most Asian countries can grow this product.Although it may be expensive to sell in the markets for some reason, for example in China and Taiwan the price of this fruit is much more expensive than in the Middle East; these countries do not have the right soil to grow this crop.

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